21 December 2008

Edward Leo Lyman Sr.

This picture of the Edward Leo Lyman Sr. Family was taken approximately 1885. Shown are Edward's wife, Mary Miranda Callister, and children; (l to r) Philomelia, Edward Jr., and Lydia.

Edward was born 4 Jan 1857 in Salt Lake City, the son of Amasa Mason Lyman and Lydia Partridge. He married Mary Miranda Callister 14 Nov 1878 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.
He died 22 May 1906 in Oak City, Millard Co., Utah of pneumonia.

Edward and Mary were the parents of ten children. Edward Jr. is not depicted here. He didn't want to be in the picture. The girls pictured would be Philomelia, Lydia and Clara (in the center). I'm not sure which of the boys are pictured. They would be Thomas, Willis or Alma. Guessing from apparent ages that they are Thomas and Willis.

His wife called him Eddie and had great affection for him. Early in their married life, shortly after the death of their first child, he was a member of what became known as the "Hole in the Rock Expedition" They scouted a route to what is now the Blanding, Moab area in Utah. It was rough going. That expedition is most known for the challenge of lowering the wagons from the plateau to the river of the Colorado River.

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