30 November 2008

Evan Justin Skidmore

Evan Justin Skidmore is the infant pictured here. He was born in Richmond, Cache County, Utah on 31 May 1901 the son of Justin Albert Skidmore and Agnes Emorett Stoddard. This picture came from a Delta, Utah newspaper with a "can you guess who this is" theme to the column. You can see his brother Albert wearing knickers. Short pants were the style for boys in those days. Evan said that when he was approaching his twelfth birthday he was so wanting to be out of the knickers and into long pants. He was so disappointed to receive a pair of new good knickers for Sunday on his birthday. He knew they would be lasting him for a couple of years.

This picture was just labeled Skidmore boys. If this is the oldest of those children, then Evan is the one in the back on the right.

The picture below shows Evan as a football player at Tooele High School. His father had tried to make a go of it in a town called Benmore. The early years of schooling were accomplished at home and Evan's schooling was interrupted by the death of his mother when he was in his teens.

The picture below is is of Evan in the 1960's. I remember a kind man who was patient and loving. He had some trouble with blood
clots in his legs much of his adult life.

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Celebration of Eleanor Lyman Skidmore and Evan Justin Skidmore. 1976

When Evan died, 30 Dec 1982, all of his coat pockets had candy in them. Eleanor was diabetic and the candy was for her if she had too much insulin.

Eleanor Lyman

Eleanor Lyman was born 30 Nov 1904; she was the second child of Edward Leo Lyman Jr. and Agnes Eleanor Anderson. The oldest child did not live long and there were several years when Eleanor was the only child before another child lived. She was born in Oak City, Millard County, Utah.

This picture of Eleanor was taken when she was about 20 years old. She attended BYU for one year before she married Evan Justin Skidmore in the Salt Lake Temple on 25 August 1926.
Evan and Eleanor were the parents of 11 children. She is shown here with the oldest seven of them. This picture would have been taken in the early 1940's.

Eleanor and Evan raised their children on a farm outside of Delta in the community called Sutherland. Their home was originally two bedrooms. I don't think all of the children ever lived at home at the same time. The oldest were grown and gone before the younger ones were born.

Eleanor had many interests. One of her interests was geology and Native American artifacts. She is shown in Amasa Canyon in this picture. She was born in the age of horse and carriage and before she died men walked on the moon. She was a trusting soul and would believe anything. I imagine her so because of the unimaginable change she had really seen through her lifetime. She was always willing to buy a new vacuum from the salesman who really needed just one more sale and to take any kind of treatment for the arthritis she felt in her hip. She was always trying new diets - for her health. She was an early user of a juicer - long before juice bars she was mixing her concoctions of things that would for sure be good for you.

I first learned about Charles Dickens at her home. There weren't many books, but there were a few.

She grew a beautiful garden in that desert land. I remember lots of petunias and geraniums, plants suited to a dry climate. She had such a large lush green lawn. The fence rails were festooned with finds from her rock hunting trips. There were two tall shady trees to the west of the house strung with an extra large, extra strong hammock. I doubt Eleanor or Evan ever were in that hammock but it was a favorite spot for their many grandchildren.

One of the other things she provided for grandchildren was a big bag of dried apples at Christmas time. She would spend many hours in the fall peeling apples for the dehydrator.

Eleanor Lyman Skidmore passed away21 Nov 1985.

Edward Leo Lyman Jr.

Edward Leo Lyman Jr. was born 19 February 1881 in Fillmore, Millard County, Utah. His parents were Edward Leo Lyman Sr. and Mary Miranda Callister. Edward Leo Lyman Jr. was known as a hard worker. He got a loan once because of the callous on his hands.

He married Agnes Eleanor Anderson 08 april 1903 in the Salt Lake Temple. He was not a tall man. I suspect that she was taller than he. I love this wedding portrait. He fell in love with Agnes when she was sixteen and was just beginning to get her hair back after a serious illness. They were the parents of 8 children. The five of those children that lived to have children of their own each had at least 10 children. His grandchildren were treated to a "popcorn party" and a one dollar bill at their birthday times.

When my mother was young, he thought she was too thin and took her into his home thinking that he could build her up. She stayed thin. As a child he had experienced some extreme poverty as his father worked to pay debts incurred by an uninsured business that had burned. They sold every thing extra - including all the cream from the milk. As an adult, there was always cream in his household and cream in the milk.

When Agnes died in 1945, he remarried. His second wife, Sarah Louisa McMurdie survived him many years. They married 17 August 1948.

He served as stake president in the Delta Stake for many years. He died 20 Jan 1958. He wrote his own memoirs which were published by his son.

23 November 2008

Agnes Eleanor Anderson

Agnes was the daughter of Anders Peter Anderson and Martha Ann Lovell. Agnes was born 6 October 1883 in Oak City, Millard County, Utah. She died 30 June 1945 in Delta, Millard County, Utah. She married a man she met when she was 16 years old, Edward Leo Lyman Jr. on 8 April 1903 in the Salt Lake Temple. They were the parents of eight children. I see some little things that remind me of my mother when I look at her picture.

This picture is the one used on her funeral program.

One time while working on a database I came across her name. She had been to the Manti temple that day in 1942. As I recognized who she was to me, I had a feeling of her love for me.
So many names went flying through my fingers onto the computer that day, but hers was the one I noticed.

My mother remembers that she lived near the train station and often people would knock on the door begging. She wasn't comfortable turning them away, nor was she comfortable letting them in. She would prepare some food and give it to them outside.

Niels Carl Mickelsen Family

16 November 2008

Mary Johanna Larsen

Mary Johanna Larsen was born 28 April 1891 in Redmond, Sevier, Utah. She was the daughter of Ole Christian Larsen and Margrethe Sorensen Larsen. She married Charles Andrew Mickelsen and was the mother of six children. She died after suffering a stroke 27 may 1944 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah. She was being cared for by her daughter Fern at the time of her death.

She is pictured at the right with her husband Charles A. Mickelsen. I never knew her but I do remember the house. It was very small by today's standards. There was a big old fashioned stove in the kitchen. Originally it would have been a wood stove and would have been the source of heat for the house. Later coal heat was added. My father remembered with fondness her Danish dumplings in chicken soup. My mother never could get her dumplings quite like the mother-in-law's dumplings and Dad didn't know what the magic was.

Charles Andrew Mickelsen

Charley and Mary with Ross, probably in front of the house in Salina - notice it is not painted. (about 1934-5)

Charles A. Mickelsen is shown here celebrating his 70th birthday. in front of his home on State Street in Salina, Utah. The home no longer stands. He was known as Charley most of his life and served as the watermaster and worked a small 40 acre farm to support his family. He was born 29 Nov 1882 in Redmond, Sevier County, Utah and died 18 May 1957 in Salina, Sevier County, Utah. He married Mary Johanna Larsen on 24th of February 1909. They were the parents of six children: Charles Durell, Fern Luetta, Joy M, Hugh DeVal, Thurman Leon and Ross.

Pictured below is Charley at Fish Lake. Hunting and fishing were family recreation and Fish Lake was a favorite spot. I also like this picture because I was told that Charley would chop wood when he was angry or frustrated.

09 November 2008

Niels Carl Mickelsen

The name Mickelsen was spelled Mikkelsen in Denmark. Niels Carl Mikkelsen was born 8 Jan 1846 in Ugilt, Hjorring, Denmark. He was the husband of Marie Mikkelsen (or Mikkelsdatter).
They left Denmark in September of 1872 and arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah in November of the same year. They sailed on the ship "Minnesota" with their two oldest children. They first settled in Ephraim, Utah. It was there that he joined the LDS church after seeing a baby blessed. He learned more of the gospel while working with other men on the Manti Temple. He died 14 Sep 1908 in Redmond, Sevier, Utah. His Parents were Mikkel Pedersen and Ane Nielsdatter.

Marie Mikkelsen Mickelsen

Marie Mikkelsen Mickelsen was born 11 Sept 1843 in Taars, Hjorring, Denmark. She was the daughter of Mikkel Christian Christensen and Mariane Jensdatter. She married Niels Carl Mickelsen about 1869. One of the stories I heard when young was that she accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ in Denmark but was harrassed by those she thought to be her friends. When that happened Niels Carl suggested that they join the saints in Utah. They first settled in Ephraim, Utah. Later moving to Redmond, Utah. They were the parents of 7 children, the first two being born in Denmark. Marie died 16 May 1918 in Redmond, Sevier, Utah.

This picture of the Mickelsen home in Redmond, Utah was likely taken after 1908. Marie is the one in dark clothes and a head scarf standing next to the door. Other family members are in the picture.

Marie had trouble with her ears and later found that several ticks had attached inside her ear canal. I don't know if that is why she is wearing the scarf in the picture at the top of the page.

Ole Christian Larsen

Ole Christian Larsen was born 15 June 1852 in Horby, Hjorring, Denmark. He was the husband of Margrethe Sorensen Larsen. He came to the United States on the ship Wyoming sailing from Liverpool, England and arriving in New York on 8 July 1879. The company continued their journey by rail and arrived in Salt Lake City 16 July 1879. He settled in Redmond Utah. He was a wool purchasing agent for Summerhays Wool Co. and sold salt that he dried from water in a salt spring near Redmond. He returned to Denmark in 1909 to serve a mission. The picture on the left is from the time of his mission. He remarried after the death of his first wife. The identity of his second wife is unknown.
He died 2 July 1930 in Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah.

This picture taken at the Redmond Cemetary grave of his wife Margrethe Sorensen
Larsen. With him is his daughter Margaret. The long thighs in the family seem to come from him.

05 November 2008

Margrethe Sorensen Larsen

Margrethe Sorensen was born 23 Sept 1857 in Voer, Hjorring, Denmark. Her parents were Karen Jensdatter and Soren Gregersen. She married Ole Christian Larsen 23 July 1879. She was the mother of 10 children. She died 16 May 1912 in Provo, Utah, Utah. She did not live in Provo, she was there for surgery. She lived prior to her death in Redmond, Sevier, Utah and was buried there. I love this picture - She looks right at you with what seems to be a kindly heart.