22 March 2009

Justin Albert Skidmore & Children

This is a photo of Grandpa Justin Albert Skidmore taken about 1919.
Left to Right, Top: Robert Arland (Arland), Albert LeRoy (Albert), Evan
Justin (Evan), John Reed (Reed), Bottom Row: Agnes Emoret (Agnes), Meryl
Stoddard Meryl), Justin Albert Skidmore (Father), Relia Sarah (Relia),
William Kenneth (Kenneth).

This photograph was provided by David Skidmore a grandson of Justin Albert Skidmore.

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singinggoldielocks said...

Thank you for this information about Justin Skidmore! My name is Tiffany Jacobson- I am a great grand-daughter of Justin. My grandfather was his son Meryl Stoddard Skidmore. This is fabulous information that provides more insight on my sweet, shy grandfather and his father. We don't have much info on his childhood so this provides a little "light." Thank you!