18 January 2009

Edward Partridge

Born 27 August 1793 in Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts to William Partridge and Jemima Bidwell. Edward was a successful hat maker in Painesville, Geauga Co., Ohio when he heard of the gospel.
He was married to Lydia Clisbee with six children when he made the trip in mid-winter to see for himself. There is some thought that he went at the instigation of friends and neighbors who trusted his judgement.

He arrived in Fayette, New York and was convinced almost on sight of the prophetic call of Joseph Smith. He wanted to be baptized immediately and the story is that Joseph thought it could wait till the next day.

His life would never be the same. He would be called to be the first presiding bishop of the church. He would struggle to know what to do with a prophet a thousand miles away in Ohio while Edward was in Missouri in a calling without precedents. He would be chastised in revelation and praised in revelation. He seems to have accepted both with meekness.

He was subjected to tarring and feathering while in Missouri and the expulsion of the Saints from Missouri was something from which he never physically recovered. He died in Nauvoo on 17 May 1840.

There are extensive biographies written on Edward Partridge.

He wrote the words to Hymn #41, "Let Zion in her Beauty Rise"

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Nigel said...

Greetings. EP's grandfather Col. Oliver patridge was famous in a different context. He was one of the 3 principle "river gods" of Western Massachusetts, as the ruling class of that region was known. He represented Massachusetts in the first American meetings of Congress: the Albany and Stamp Act Congresses.