18 January 2009

Lydia Clisbee

Lydia Clisbee (or Clisby) was born to Merriam Howe and Joseph Clisbee on the 26 Sept 1793 in Marlbourgh, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

She married Edward Partridge 22 Aug 1819 in Painesville, Geauga Co., Ohio. They would have a prospers life together for ten years and give it all up when they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

They were the parents of at least six children. They would move to Missouri at the bidding of the Lord.

She would have survived the problems and displacements of the Missouri era of the church only to have her husband die while in the middle of building a home for the family in Nauvoo.

She married again, William Huntington, who died at Mt Pisgah, Iowa. She would make the trek west. At one point in time she was directed by Brigham Young to sell the land in Independence, Missouri that was in the name of her deceased husband, Edward Partridge. Her husband had been bishop of the Church and had land in his name that belonged to the church. She was the only legally authorized agent to sell this land and his heir.

She spent her last years in the Millard County area with her children. She died 08 un 1878 in Oak City, Millard Co., Utah.

She wrote the following Acrostic for her son Edward.

Each day let all your actions be
Devoid of strife or enmity
Walk in the way thy father trod
Attend his council which was good
Remember in thy youth, thy God
Desire to know his holy word

Prepare thyself thy place to fill
And seek to know thy Master's will
Repent of all thy faults each day
Try to pursue the heavenly way
Refuse not counsel from thy friend
Improve thy time til time shall end
Depart from sin, make truth thy choice
Grim death may come with all his force
even that day thou mayest rejoice

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