11 January 2009

Patty Bartlett

Patty is a well known character in church history because she kept an extensive journal over many years. These journals have been annotated by Donna Toland Smart and published.

Patty was born to Enoch Bartlett and Anna Hall on the 7th of February 1794, in Bethel, Oxford Co., Maine. She married David Sessions 13 Jun 1812 and Died 14 Dec 1893 in Bountiful, Davis Co., Uah.
After David died she married John Parry. Both of her husbands took polygamous wives and that was a trial for her. She was known for being a midwife and for her industrious work habits.

This sampler done by Patty was used as an illustration in the Ensign Magazine in recent years. She was weaving and knitting into old age.

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