18 January 2009

Lydia Partridge

Lydia was the daughter of Edward Partridge and Lydia Clisbee.
She was born 08 May 1830 in Painseville, Lake Co., Ohio and knew from infancy the challenges of the new church her parents had joined. Her childhood was spent in Missouri in desperate poverty and her father died in Nauvoo when she was ten years old. She spent her early teen years in Nauvoo; her later teen years on the plains of Iowa and Nebraska, and her early twenties in a newly settled Salt Lake Valley. Her husband would move his families to Millard County so they could be near each other.

She would marry Amasa Lyman as a polygamous wife 07 Feb 1853. Her sisters Eliza and Caroline were also wives of Amasa and the three sisters worked together to survive and raise their children.

One of the things Lydia did was make gloves of buckskin. The sisters were very poor, but worked together and loved each others children. Lydia was the mother of four children.

She died at a young age having been ill for some time prior to her death, 16 Jan 1875. She was buried in Fillmore, Millard Co., Utah.

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