16 November 2008

Mary Johanna Larsen

Mary Johanna Larsen was born 28 April 1891 in Redmond, Sevier, Utah. She was the daughter of Ole Christian Larsen and Margrethe Sorensen Larsen. She married Charles Andrew Mickelsen and was the mother of six children. She died after suffering a stroke 27 may 1944 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah. She was being cared for by her daughter Fern at the time of her death.

She is pictured at the right with her husband Charles A. Mickelsen. I never knew her but I do remember the house. It was very small by today's standards. There was a big old fashioned stove in the kitchen. Originally it would have been a wood stove and would have been the source of heat for the house. Later coal heat was added. My father remembered with fondness her Danish dumplings in chicken soup. My mother never could get her dumplings quite like the mother-in-law's dumplings and Dad didn't know what the magic was.

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