30 November 2008

Edward Leo Lyman Jr.

Edward Leo Lyman Jr. was born 19 February 1881 in Fillmore, Millard County, Utah. His parents were Edward Leo Lyman Sr. and Mary Miranda Callister. Edward Leo Lyman Jr. was known as a hard worker. He got a loan once because of the callous on his hands.

He married Agnes Eleanor Anderson 08 april 1903 in the Salt Lake Temple. He was not a tall man. I suspect that she was taller than he. I love this wedding portrait. He fell in love with Agnes when she was sixteen and was just beginning to get her hair back after a serious illness. They were the parents of 8 children. The five of those children that lived to have children of their own each had at least 10 children. His grandchildren were treated to a "popcorn party" and a one dollar bill at their birthday times.

When my mother was young, he thought she was too thin and took her into his home thinking that he could build her up. She stayed thin. As a child he had experienced some extreme poverty as his father worked to pay debts incurred by an uninsured business that had burned. They sold every thing extra - including all the cream from the milk. As an adult, there was always cream in his household and cream in the milk.

When Agnes died in 1945, he remarried. His second wife, Sarah Louisa McMurdie survived him many years. They married 17 August 1948.

He served as stake president in the Delta Stake for many years. He died 20 Jan 1958. He wrote his own memoirs which were published by his son.

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