09 November 2008

Ole Christian Larsen

Ole Christian Larsen was born 15 June 1852 in Horby, Hjorring, Denmark. He was the husband of Margrethe Sorensen Larsen. He came to the United States on the ship Wyoming sailing from Liverpool, England and arriving in New York on 8 July 1879. The company continued their journey by rail and arrived in Salt Lake City 16 July 1879. He settled in Redmond Utah. He was a wool purchasing agent for Summerhays Wool Co. and sold salt that he dried from water in a salt spring near Redmond. He returned to Denmark in 1909 to serve a mission. The picture on the left is from the time of his mission. He remarried after the death of his first wife. The identity of his second wife is unknown.
He died 2 July 1930 in Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah.

This picture taken at the Redmond Cemetary grave of his wife Margrethe Sorensen
Larsen. With him is his daughter Margaret. The long thighs in the family seem to come from him.

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