30 November 2008

Evan Justin Skidmore

Evan Justin Skidmore is the infant pictured here. He was born in Richmond, Cache County, Utah on 31 May 1901 the son of Justin Albert Skidmore and Agnes Emorett Stoddard. This picture came from a Delta, Utah newspaper with a "can you guess who this is" theme to the column. You can see his brother Albert wearing knickers. Short pants were the style for boys in those days. Evan said that when he was approaching his twelfth birthday he was so wanting to be out of the knickers and into long pants. He was so disappointed to receive a pair of new good knickers for Sunday on his birthday. He knew they would be lasting him for a couple of years.

This picture was just labeled Skidmore boys. If this is the oldest of those children, then Evan is the one in the back on the right.

The picture below shows Evan as a football player at Tooele High School. His father had tried to make a go of it in a town called Benmore. The early years of schooling were accomplished at home and Evan's schooling was interrupted by the death of his mother when he was in his teens.

The picture below is is of Evan in the 1960's. I remember a kind man who was patient and loving. He had some trouble with blood
clots in his legs much of his adult life.

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Celebration of Eleanor Lyman Skidmore and Evan Justin Skidmore. 1976

When Evan died, 30 Dec 1982, all of his coat pockets had candy in them. Eleanor was diabetic and the candy was for her if she had too much insulin.

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