16 November 2008

Charles Andrew Mickelsen

Charley and Mary with Ross, probably in front of the house in Salina - notice it is not painted. (about 1934-5)

Charles A. Mickelsen is shown here celebrating his 70th birthday. in front of his home on State Street in Salina, Utah. The home no longer stands. He was known as Charley most of his life and served as the watermaster and worked a small 40 acre farm to support his family. He was born 29 Nov 1882 in Redmond, Sevier County, Utah and died 18 May 1957 in Salina, Sevier County, Utah. He married Mary Johanna Larsen on 24th of February 1909. They were the parents of six children: Charles Durell, Fern Luetta, Joy M, Hugh DeVal, Thurman Leon and Ross.

Pictured below is Charley at Fish Lake. Hunting and fishing were family recreation and Fish Lake was a favorite spot. I also like this picture because I was told that Charley would chop wood when he was angry or frustrated.

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