09 November 2008

Marie Mikkelsen Mickelsen

Marie Mikkelsen Mickelsen was born 11 Sept 1843 in Taars, Hjorring, Denmark. She was the daughter of Mikkel Christian Christensen and Mariane Jensdatter. She married Niels Carl Mickelsen about 1869. One of the stories I heard when young was that she accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ in Denmark but was harrassed by those she thought to be her friends. When that happened Niels Carl suggested that they join the saints in Utah. They first settled in Ephraim, Utah. Later moving to Redmond, Utah. They were the parents of 7 children, the first two being born in Denmark. Marie died 16 May 1918 in Redmond, Sevier, Utah.

This picture of the Mickelsen home in Redmond, Utah was likely taken after 1908. Marie is the one in dark clothes and a head scarf standing next to the door. Other family members are in the picture.

Marie had trouble with her ears and later found that several ticks had attached inside her ear canal. I don't know if that is why she is wearing the scarf in the picture at the top of the page.


jgeertsen said...

Hi- In my great-grandfather's journal, he said that he was baptized into the LDS church by a man named Mikkel Christian Christensen in Rye Creek, Aaby Parish, Denmark on 5 Oct 1854. Do you know if this could be your Mikkel Christian Christensen?

Thanks- Jeff Geertsen

Sue said...

No, My "MC" Christiansen was never a member of the church.